Is Pinterest the Right Fit?

Feb 23, 12 Is Pinterest the Right Fit?

Pinterest is a powerful way to drive traffic, grow sales, and build brands.  However, it’s not a perfect fit for everything.  As we saw in the previous article, there are criteria to help you choose brands, products, and services that can be most effectively promoted on Pinterest.   When most marketers first look at Pinterest, they see wedding gowns, craft projects, jewelry, hairstyles, and recipes.  Unfortunately, too many people hastily assume that if their products don’t fit into one of those categories that Pinterest isn’t the right solution for them.  This is a lost opportunity.

There are people effectively marketing electronics, blogs, books, and TV shows.  You might have a great product but one that doesn’t translate directly into a product photo that is visually unique, emotionally stirring, and doesn’t evoke an aspirational lifestyle.  All is not lost.  You may still attract a large audience on Pinterest if you can use some creativity to present it in a less literal way.  Here is a checklist of a few brainstorming ideas to consider before crossing Pinterest off the list:

  • Infographics.  Do you have insights from your customer data or market research that your potential customers might find entertaining or fascinating?  If not, could you pull together such data on a topic relevant to your brand or product category?  Infographics make the information visually appealing and more shareable.
  • Humor.  Think about the life challenges faced by your customers or the frustrations they deal with when they don’t yet have your product or service.  There’s likely some humor there.  Can you find or create a cartoon, funny quote, or funny photo from this?
  • Inspirational quotes.  Think about the aspirational goals of your customers.  What is the life that they want?  What are the challenges and obstacles they face along the way to getting there?  Find some images of inspirational quotes relevant to your audience and pin them.
  • Identity.  Do your customers proudly identify themselves as part of a community?  Are they marathon runners, geeks, social media professionals, music lovers?  A marathon runner would l be proud to pin a “23.2 miles” image to their board that proclaims their affiliation with other runners.
  • Events.  Do you already put together events around your product that are full of visually exciting activities?  Are people using your products and services at the event?
  • Current Events.  Can you tie your brand, product, or service to current events in some way? 
  • Celebrities.  Well-known faces can get noticed on Pinterest.  Do you have any celebrity endorsements
  • Complementary Products.  Are there boards you could create of complementary products that are a good fit with the Pinterest criteria?  For example, maybe you sell travel services
  • Seasonal Products or Events.    You may already have marketing campaigns where you tie your brand, product, or service to holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or New Year’s.  Are the images of those seasonal products or events more relevant to the Pinterest audience?
  • Creations using your product.  If your product isn’t visually interesting by itself, how about when it’s used as part of an experience, in a recipe, or in unexpected ways?  You can capture images or solicit ideas from your customers.
  • Customization/Personalization ideas.  Can you solicit photos of people customizing and personalizing your product?  Your most passionate customers may have done the work for you of presenting the product in a more visually unique and personal way!  The images are a testimonial to the love your customers have of your product.
  • CompetitionsYou can run competitions for people using your product and services in unique and unusual ways and post winning entries.
  • Design ideas and tips for aspirational lifestyle.  Can you attract a community of people in your brand or product category by simply posting images of the lifestyle you represent?  For example, a high-end grocery store that promotes healthy, organic food has posted images of gardening and tips for being more environmentally conscious.

Once you’ve brainstormed what you can promote on Pinterest, you’ll want to apply specific marketing tactics to maximize conversion and commissions.  Refer to the  Pinterest Marketing Bible: The Definitive Guide to Marketing Your Brand and Products on Pinterest by Leon Cho for more on board organization, link conversion, pin copy, pin selection, and getting followers.

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