What Can You Most Effectively Promote on Pinterest?

Jan 08, 12 What Can You Most Effectively Promote on Pinterest?

There are certain things that can be promoted more effectively on Pinterest than on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  But there are also certain things that are more difficult to market.  Not every brand and certainly not every product in your catalog is a good fit for Pinterest.  So which brands, products, and services appeal to this demographic?  What can most effectively be promoted or sold with the marketing approaches you will be using on Pinterest?


While a brand, product, or service doesn’t necessarily need to match all of the following criteria to be successful, you want as many of the following characteristics as possible:


  • You can see what separates you from the competition.  There are successful brands that differentiate solely on price, availability/selection, support, or durability.  But if that’s all that separates you from the competition, you’ll have a much harder time promoting it on Pinterest than a competitor differentiating on style and product design. Pinterest is all about images and what you can see with your eyes.  However, don’t discount Pinterest as a solution if you differentiate on service as long as you can capture emotionally compelling images of people being treated to unique and unexpected experiences or personal attention.
  • It’s unique.  On Pinterest, your pins will be just one image among hundreds that a user scrolls through in a session with Pinterest.  Your product won’t get noticed or shared if it’s commonplace.  It needs to be something out of the ordinary, something distinctive.
  • Appeals to demographic of women and families.  Given the unique demographics of Pinterest, does your brand appeal to women?  How do your products and services fit with the challenges and joys of raising a family?
  • The appeal is emotional. Imagine looking at a photo of one of your products or a photo of people using your service.  What do you feel?  Does it trigger a sensory reaction?   Pinterest connects with people on an emotional level rather than an intellectual one.
  • The size of your brand doesn’t matter.  Pinterest levels the playing field.  Whether you’re selling handmade crafts from your garage or you’re a big company, everyone is just an image in the Pinterest gallery.  Pinterest offers the opportunity for small brands to be discovered and for large brands to give exposure to more niche products that may not have the distribution of the top sellers.
  • Aspirational. Are you selling a better life?  Pinterest users are pinning inspiration for the life they want someday – the dream home, the exotic vacations they are anticipating, the fantasy wedding, and the perfect dinner party.  Do your brand and products help people achieve that higher vision of themselves?

The previous article was excerpted with permission from Pinterest Marketing Bible: The Definitive Guide to Marketing Your Brand and Products on Pinterest by Leon Cho.  The book contains specific examples of products and services as well as case studies of successful brands on Pinterest.

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